Write a test to identify sugar in blood

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Blood Sugar Test

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Your body converts the carbohydrates you eat into glucose.

Blood sugar test

Oct 23,  · Blood sugar is sometimes measured as part of a routine blood examination in hospital or at the doctor’s. A special kind of test called a glucose tolerance test also involves taking blood samples to see how the.

52 Chapter 7 – Blood Sugar (Glucose) Testing pump, it is now usually possible to get the majority of fasting blood sugars “in range” (see Table 2). 2. Pre-lunch A blood sugar test before lunch helps to.

If you use insulin or another diabetes medication known to lower blood sugar, and you have signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia, test your blood sugar levels with a blood glucose meter. If the result shows low blood sugar (under 70 mg/dL), treat accordingly. There are several ways to test your blood sugar: From Your Fingertip: You prick your finger with a small, sharp needle (called a lancet) and put a drop of blood on a test strip.

Then you put the test strip into a meter that shows your blood sugar level. You get results in less than 15 seconds and can store this information for future use.

Blood Glucose Test Write a test to identify sugar in blood
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