Tips on writing a graphic novel

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Top 5 Tips for Writing a Graphic Novel – Jessica Gust | Guest Post

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Top Ten Tips for Writing a Graphic Novel

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5 Tips on Getting Started Creating a Graphic Novel - Part One It's given us the idea of blogging a few tips on how to get started making a graphic novel. Whether you're thinking of writing and drawing the entire book yourself, or of working with a writer or an artist, it's a good idea to have an all round knowledge of how comics and graphic.

Originally Answered: What tips can I use to write my graphic novel?

6 Tips For Those Taking Up Comic Writing

Write the story out as a traditional short story with all of the conventions, as to place and timing. Include a complete protagonist and antagonist relationship.

How to Write a Graphic Novel Story Template

Above are the most valuable tips and advice that you should take on board when creating a graphic novel. Be sure to make a note of them and put them into practice before you write your own graphic novel. I am currently entrenched in the process of writing my first graphic novel.

It is my intention to see it through to being published and distributed but that is the not the aim of these tips. I have read just about every HOW TO book and Graphic Novel that I have been able to get my hands on and I have been busting to have a go of it myself.

I wanted to write a graphic novel that was fun to read and make and that had appeal, one that would enable my kids to see me in another light (because that is important to me), to communicate in a real way, to create a work of beauty and for the spirit in me, a work of endurance for art.

A meditation. Write a synopsis of the graphic novel by expanding each sentence in the log line into a full paragraph. The finished synopsis still shouldn't be longer than a single sheet of paper. Take each paragraph in the synopsis and expand it to a fill a full sheet of paper, but no more.

Tips on writing a graphic novel
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6 Tips For Those Taking Up Comic Writing