Technical writing agile development environment

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Agile Technical Writing Basics

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In Part I, I discussed the dangers of resisting The Agile Way. Unfortunately, nobody wrote instructions for Agile technical writers, so peculiarities of profession need to be studied out. Key points of Agile. Agile methodology can be perfectly applied to the process of technical writing. There are several differences though.

Part I: Technical Writing in Space (Part II | Part III) The Problem When you first begin Technical Writing in an Agile development environment, you face a number of immediate problems. The first is that you seemingly have far less time to do your work.

Doing Agile on a major security project that needs tons of documentation on development for audit reasons? Ah, the list can go on and on. So how in the heck do you update and maintain technical documentation in an Agile environment when everything is subject to change? The presentation helps you apply useful principles from agile methodologies for developing technical documentation.

It also highlights the features common to agile development processes and helps you understand user stories and learn to translate user stories into task-oriented topics. The company is in the process of transitioning to agile development.

Jane Wilson leads the technical writing team for GE Digital’s Applications Engineering group.

Agile Technical Documentation

GE Digital develops in an Agile environment, and, as the team has grown, she has developed processes for fitting writers and the writing process into Agile methodologies.

Technical writing agile development environment
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