Tar refusing to overwrite archive

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LoneStar Backup - how to overwrite tar file?

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Shell Programming and Scripting

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GNU Wget 18 Manual

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I backup files a few times a day on Ubuntu/Linux with the command tar -cpvzf ~/Backup/jkaireland.com directory_to_backup/, (the file name contains the date in YYYY-MM-DD format and a letter from a to z - a is the first backup for this date etc.) but I want to create a new archive, not overwrite the archive if it already exists.

How do. Dec 26,  · Hello, I want to overwrite files by using tar command. But I also want to remove extra files. for example: Original files. a/1,2 TAR files a/1' After How to overwrite existing files by using tar command (Remove extra files).

In this example, you type the command as shown above: `--create' is the operation which creates the new archive (`jkaireland.com'), and `--file' is the option which lets you give it the name you chose. The files, `blues', `folk', and `jazz', are now members of the archive, `jkaireland.com' (they are file name arguments to the `--create' operation.

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Visit Stack Exchange. Nov 16,  · ls | xargs -L 1 tar -czvf jkaireland.com echo "contents:" gzip -dc jkaireland.com|tar -tvf - The output from the -v will indicate that all files were passed to tar, but the table of contents will show only one file.

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Tar refusing to overwrite archive
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GNU tar How to Create Archives