Standardisation versus adaptation in a globalisation

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Difference between Product Adaptations and Standardization | Export Management

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Standardisation Versus Adaptation in a Globalisation Context

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Standardization vs. Adaptation The first view is the standardization standpoint (as proposed by Jain, ; Levitt, ). According to these authors, supporters of standardization believe that there is a union of cultures with similar environmental and customer demand around the globe. Jopurnal of Accounting J Marketing o u r n a l o f A c c o u nti n g & M a r k e t i n g ISS: Haron, Account ar, The discussion on globalization versus Localization has been ragging for over four decades and it appears to be far-from-over [1].

the general concept under which both adaptation and customization are characterized [1. Purpose – The debate about global integration (standardisation) versus responsiveness (adaptation) has recently been supplemented with perspectives that emphasise regionalisation.

And while the discussion has also been extended from manufacturing to services, there are specific sectors and emergent topics that have not yet received much attention. Innovative Marketing, Volume 3, Issue 4, Demetris Vrontis (Cyprus), Alkis Thrassou (Cyprus) Adaptation vs.

standardisation in international marketing – the country-of-origin effect Abstract The literature on international marketing presents a confrontation between two mainstream schools of thought regard- ing international marketing.

Standardisation versus Adaptation in a Globalisation context Challenge This is the challenge facing primarily multinational firms whether to standardise their local offering or adapt/localise it for the market they are selling into. Supporters of which encourage firms to use standardization adaptation approach convincingly advocate that strategy or adaptation strategy at the international there is a significant difference in culture, level.

economic situation, rules and regulation, political Standardization versus Adaptation system and the lifestyle of consumer and their.

Standardisation versus adaptation in a globalisation
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