Queen rania

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Queen Rania Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

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Jordan's Queen Rania stuns in blush pink as she matches Melania Trump in White House visit

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Unlike milk silks, dark chocolates creep to be very healthy and links better with the library of the colour. Queen Rania, also known as Rania Al Abdullah, was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait, and is the Queen consort of Jordan.

She graduated from the American University in Cairo with a degree in Business. Queen Rania is the current Queen consort of Jordan, and the wife of King Abdullah II. One of the world's most powerful (and richest) women, she's been a tireless advocate both in her home country.

The Queen Rania Foundation Launches Award for Education Entrepreneurship in the Arab World A competition that recognizes the achievements and potential of home-grown education businesses in the Arab World that combine social impact with sustainable business models. 1.

Queen Rania of Jordan

Rania Al-Yassin was born in Kuwait on the 31 August, to Palestinian parents. They fled to Jordan during the Gulf War. 2. She enrolled at the American University in Cairo and earned a graduate degree in Business Administration, Queen Rania Viewed as a worldwide fashion icon and humanitarian, Queen Rania married the King in Her Instagram page is one of the most followed accounts in the region and she is an avid advocate for women's rights in Jordan.

Queen Rania of Jordan is just as stylish as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, if not more so. I have proof. She's worn every designer from Fendi to Givenchy (a favorite of Meghan's, who last night.

Queen rania
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