Paper planes on letterman

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Doolittle Raid

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Born Free (M.I.A. song)

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Trump orders FBI probe into Kavanaugh accusations after GOP agrees to delay vote in Senate

In this age of digital media and Internet deliverables, the idea that 20 years ago people were shelling out $30 to $50 for a 5¼" floppy disk in a cardboard box must seem bizarre and incomprehensible. "Paper Planes" is a song by British rapper M.I.A.

from her second studio album, Kala (). Planes" live on American television for the first time on 13 September on the CBS talk show Late Show with David Letterman, three weeks after the release of the album. It’s been a dramatic, breakout year in the life of our favorite Sir Lankan agit-pop siren, and you could look at “Paper Planes” as a microcosm for all that madness.

"Born Free" is a song by English recording artist M.I.A., released alongside an accompanying short film/music video of the same name from her third album, Maya.

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Paper planes on letterman
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