Artemis sportswear proposal

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Artemis sportswear company thesis proposal

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Proposal for Artemis Sportswear Company Essay

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This proposal is to define the expenses that need or could be to cut to ensure the success of Artemis Sportswear and how these cuts will affect the workforce.

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Cutting everyday expenses can help lower operational expenses. Proposal for Cutting Operational Expense Essay. INTRODUCTION Artemis Sportswear Company is a company that sells every type of sports wear from the head bands to the shoes on your feet. Experience: Bank of America Corporation () (banking and financial services company) Vice Chairman () Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer () Northrop Grumman Corporation ().

Artemis Sportswear Company Final Research Paper This proposal is designed to assist Artemis Sportswear Company in cutting their operational expenses to increase profit margins, while considering the effect on workers and productivity.

Artemis sportswear proposal
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